Last year I started googling words “presentation skills” and “fear public speaking” and that is how the Toastmasters first jumped in.
While abroad I also heard about Toastmasters through one friend who recommended it based on her very positive experience. That is how I finally discovered the Helsinki Toastmasters in my hometown Finland.

My reason to join was to overcome fear related to public speaking and presentations. Basically this means any situation where I am in
the spotlight. Especially the working life can include many situations like that. I believe that I have benefited starting from the first guest
experience, when I realized that performing skills are something that any of us develop at anytime in our lives. It’s never too late. During
the latest period I have already given two speeches and taken actively the other meeting roles. We also learn how to constructively
evaluate the presentations which is important. The mentoring program is also beneficial.

My goal is to become a confident performer including participating in the Toastmaster competitions… Speaking of which please join us on Saturday 20th October from 10.30-14 to enjoy the Finland area humorous speech competition, on this week! Place: Kasarmikatu 23, Helsinki (venue: Handelsgillet). The event is free of charge!

Looking forward seeing you all new faces too  = )

Cheers, Nadia Chaichee
Helsinki Toastmasters VP PR